Commercial Pool and Spa Equipment / Sauna and Steam

If you're a commercial leisure operator, you already know that standard equipment is essentially "bigger" than its domestic cousins. 
You might also have read that we aim to do things right, so instead of talking detail about applying HSE and Industry body guidelines to Swimming Pool and Spa filtration and water treatment (we do), Environmental Control Systems/HVAC, or comparing cast-iron pumps to plastic-bodied pumps, below are some other products and services that could help you... But if you need anything not listed just get in touch.
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Pool Automation | Spa Automation | Control Panel Supplier | Filtration Control Systems | BMS

Control panels are a great way to simplify how you operate or to minimise your running costs, but they've moved on from the buttons, switches, and mechanical timers which limit your benefits.

Almost any part of your swimming pool or spa system can be automated and/or controlled from a single panel, but our panels can automate while leaving you in command through intuitive designs and programming which remain customisable even after installation.


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Remote Monitoring Systems | Pool Monitoring System | Water Treatment |Chemical Dosing

In this modern, interconnected era, access to information from anywhere can be vital to the sustained performance and consistent operation of any business. Being able to log into a system remotely means that you don't need to worry if everything is working correctly - you can just check. Where water treatment and public health are involved, such levels of oversight can be a crucial difference.

This flexibility can be important to independent and chain operators alike. Making the lives of independents easier is a great benefit to these systems, but we believe that remote access should be considered a VITAL component for chain operators when considering their long-term plans to ensure consistency across their brand.



Water Testing and Consultancy

Chemical Testing | Pool Testing | Water Quality Testing | Spa Legionella Test | Coliform Testing

You need to test your water regularly - for quality control and to protect your customers from illness and infection. But while simply using a water testing laboratory will deliver you the raw data that you need, they often won't tell you how to react to it or what upgrades or changes you could make to improve your water quality.

We combine professional water testing services with pool and leisure water care expertise to highlight potential problems and recommend ways in which you could improve your water's quality and consistency.

Wind Turbines

Going Green

Green Energy | Energy Saving | Air Source Heat Pumps | LED Lighting | Water Saving | Cost Cutting

Financial pressure is a concern for all businesses, and the running costs of a swimming pool or spa represent a large portion of overheads. The great news is that there are modern, greener technologies can save you money as well as cutting your ecological impact.

There are options with lighting, water treatment, heating/HVAC, filtration, and more, so why not book a visit with an Energise Leisure consultant to see if any of these options could help you?

Foam Cover

Commercial Pool Cover | Commercial Reel System | Motorised Cover Reel | Replacement Foam Cover

Functionality, stylishness, safety, or cost? Which swimming pool cover system is the most suitable and will give the best benefit to you and your business?

With a range of styles and types available, from multiple manufacturers, Energise Leisure offers a broad range of pool cover systems and can make the best recommendation for your needs and budget.

All covers are bespoke manufactured, so call us now to book a site survey and consultation. 


Disabled Pool Access
Disabled Spa Access

Disabled Hoist | Pool Hoist | Spa Hoist | Commercial Pool Disabled Hoist| Disabled Access

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool Cleaner | Pool Robot | Dolphin Pool Cleaner | Dolphin Wave | Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning your pool is vital to maintaining its appearance and the quality of your water, but can be a very labour-intensive process which either requires your staff's time and energy, or the cost of an external contractor to regularly carry out the work for you.

Cut your time and long term costs by employing a robot! Almost all swimming pool sizes and types are suitable, and a robot will work quietly in the background during your pool's downtime overnight, saving you time, money, and letting your customers jump into a clean pool every morning.

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Hydrotherapy / Hydro Exercise

Underwater Treadmill | Water Exercise | Water Therapy | Aqua Aerobics Equipment | Hexagone

Within our range of domestic and commercial pool and spa access equipment is a suitable solution for almost everyone. 


No one should be made to miss out on the great experience and benefits that come from being in the water - and some people need it. The onus is pool operators to make their facilities as accessible as possible, so if you need to replace old equipment or bring yourself up to speed (and accessible to a new client market) on accessibility regulations then give us a call and let us help you. 

Aqua Fitness, Water Aerobics, and Hydrotherapy Exercise

are increasing in popularity as word grows about the benefits of underwater exercise.

Our core range of under water fitness equipment consists of fun, colourful, durable, and safe bikes, treadmills, and trampolines. The moulded plastic bodies of our premium range minimise edges and pinch points for safety, ease of use, and simple handling in and out of the pool.

It's not all about cycling and running, so with  a wide range of equipment across budgets, contact us know to let us know what you need.

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Sauna Contractor | Sauna Installer| Commercial Sauna Heater | Commercial Leisure Supplies 

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Commercial Steam Rooms

Steam Room Equipment | Commercial Steam Generator | Commercial Steam Room Installer

Saunas have become almost a necessity for many hotels, leisure clubs, and health spas - since 2010 there has been upwards trend in the volume of searches for "hotel with sauna" within the UK.

Whether you have an existing facility that needs maintenance or to refurbishment, or are looking to add to what you offer to your clients, Energise Leisure Ltd has some of the best-in-class commercial sauna equipment and expertise available for you.

Just like saunas, according to Google trends and the multitude of articles available, steam rooms have been rising in popularity in recent years.

And just like Saunas, whether you have an existing facility that needs maintenance or to refurbishment, or are looking to add to what you offer to your clients, Energise Leisure Ltd has some of the best-in-class commercial steam room equipment and expertise available for you.