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The headings below highlight the areas which are key to clean, safe, and efficient water, and can also have an impact on the look of your swimming pool or its ease of use.
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Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters

Swimming Pool Pumps| Swimming Pool Filters | Speck Pumps | Waterco Pumps | Waterco Filters

Older swimming pool pumps can be inefficient and not all pool filters are created equal. Sand is not the only option.

We understand the technology and the science behind them and can explain your options in a language that you can understand. 

Selecting or upgrading to correct or better equipment for your pool can save you electricity, water, chemicals, and improve your water quality.

Why not ask us about our range of replacement pool pumps that are cheaper and more efficient than many big big brands? Find out about our "not like-for-like" replacement pumps here.

Cover and Roller

Bubble Covers | Heat Retention Covers | Slatted Pool Covers | Pool Safety Covers | Solar Covers

Did you know that an uncovered swimming pool loses 70% of its heat through evaporation?

Choosing the right pool cover will save you money - they can even provide supplementary heating in outdoor pools. If you are concerned about safety, we have suitable options for both vinyl and slatted swimming pool automatic safety covers or manual bar safety covers.

Modern, electric motorised pool cover systems are also now available in stylish designs which could complement the area surrounding your swimming pool. Read more about our cover options here.

Crystal MV Dosing System

Pool Dosing System | Dosing Controller | Chlorine Doser | Water Treatment System

Automatic Chemical Dosing Systems

Test, dose, test, repeat. Sound familiar?

Automatic chemical dosing systems aren't as scary as they may seem to some and they can save you time while giving you peace of mind. Good quality chemical dosing equipment is reliable, safe, and simple to use and maintain.

So if you want to save time, remove the guesswork, and keep your water quality stable and consistent, a chemical dosing system is the perfect solution.


But don't wade in without speaking to Energise Leisure for the best information on the pros and cons of a wide variety of chemical dosing pumps and controllers available to make sure you're buying the right product for you and your pool.

Triogen Ultra UV.jpg

Pool UV System | Pool Ozonator | Triogen | Blue Lagoon UV | Prozone | Bio UV 

UV and Ozone Water Disinfection 

Chlorine isn't 100% effective and chlorine byproducts can be an irritant as well as give a nuisance smell.

Both UV and ozone can cut down on your swimming pool or spa's chlorine demand, prevent, lower, or remove those harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs), and tackle what chlorine can't.

Ozone can even boost the performance of your water filtration, improving your water clarity.

But not all UV and ozone generators are as effective or suitable as they may claim. Speak to us for the best advice on which system is right for you and your swimming pool or spa.

Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps | Inverter Heat Pumps | Pool Heaters| Heat Pumps for Pools | Calorex

Heat your swimming pool, save some money, reduce your environmental impact with energy efficient pool heaters.

What's not to like?

​The running cost of a heat pump can be as low as 25% of your current cost; Inverter-driven heat pumps can be twice as efficient as traditional heat pumps.

As with all equipment, it's vital to select the correct size and with years of experience specifying swimming pool heat pumps for a variety of uses and sizes, we will offer you the correct model from a reliable manufacturer.

Stainless Steel Spectra Pool Light

Swimming Pool LED Lights

Pool Lights |RGB Pool Lights | LED Pool Lights EVA Optic | Underwater Lights | DMX Lights

Better lighting, more options, lower energy consumption.

LED lights can provide better colour and spread, improving the safety and appearance of your swimming pool, while using as little as 10% of the power compared to traditional halogen lights.

With different tones of white, RGB, RGBW, colour-change, and DMX control available for new installations or retrofitting, there is no reason why you shouldn't enquire about upgrading.

Our experienced consultant has specified lighting for many different swimming pool and spa project types and can advise on the best lights for your desires and budget.


Wooden Pool | Garden Pool | DIY pool Kit | DIY Pool Package | Metal Frame Pool | Laghetto Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Tylo Helo Round Corner Sauna.jpg

DIY Sauna | Bespoke Sauna | Saunas UK | Flatpack Sauna| Barrel Sauna| Tylo Helo 

Temporary and permanent above ground pools are increasing in popularity as a cost-effective way to add a swimming pool to a home or garden.

From large, family pools to small exercise pools with a "swimjet" or counter-current system, it's easier than ever to keep active and have fun in your own home.

Energise Leisure has picked multiple ranges from some of the best suppliers so we can cater to most size, feature, and budget requirements. 

We have a great range of budget above ground wooden pools from Plastica and also Plastica Premium Wooden Pools; alternatively we have our luxury above ground pool range from Laghetto, as well a variety of other options in wood, steel, and environmentally friendly recycled materials.

There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor sauna rooms and sauna cabins available from Energise Leisure. These are often supplied as "DIY Saunas" or self-build saunas, but installation services are available for more complex saunas. No matter which model or design you go for, you will reap the rewards with great benefits to your physical and mental health.

If you're looking for a DIY Home Sauna supplier or steam room supplier for the garden or indoors, or if you would like to explore our luxury, bespoke ranges with a full consultation and design service, contact us via our sauna enquiry page.

Energise Leisure can also supply a variety of sauna equipment and steam room supplies across the UK for accessories or replacement parts.


Dantherm | Vaporex | Pool Dehumidifier | Calorex | Pool Dehumidification

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

For indoor swimming pools and spas, correct dehumidification and air heating is a must-have feature to prevent condensation and long-term damage to the room. And if you have windows, you want to be able to see out of them, right?

​Keeping your air temperature up will also reduce evaporation and lower the running cost of your pool or spa.

As with all equipment, it's vital to select the correct size and with years of experience specifying dehumidifiers for a variety of uses and sizes, we will offer you the correct model from a reliable manufacturer.

Options are available for both electric and LPHW (low pressure hot water) heating.

OC-1 Filter Media

Pool Maintenance |Pool Service | OC1 Filter Media | Filter Sand | Glass Media | AFM

The easiest way to get the best from your pool is surely to get someone else to do it for you...

If you're struggling to keep on top of your water chemistry, or if your pool has begun to look cloudier than normal, then our two most basic pool maintenance service options could be a great place for you to start.

Often, a problem pool just needs a little extra TLC to get it back to sparkling. If you are struggling to keep your water balanced and find yourself searching for things like "pool chemistry 101" then the first place you could go is to our blog where we've created a series of posts about exactly that. After that, you could call us and have an expert take a look with our professional testing equipment and years of pool chemistry experience to set you back on track. 

Another easy pool maintenance option is to opt for a filter service - complete renewal of your filter media (we like to use glass filter media, but others are available) and some other checks to get your filtration running efficiently again.

Long and short term swimming pool cleaning and maintenance contracts are available according to any schedule and budget you desire.

"Pool Expertise"

The strapline at the top of all of the pages of the website is designed to summarise everything that Energise Leisure Ltd is about - we have literally pooled decades of knowledge and experience from the best sources into everything we do and offer. 

"The best product for your pool" isn't a gimmick either, it's our ethos. We keep up to date with products and news so that we can educate our customers, listen to their needs, and match them with the correct, most suitable solutions and advice available.