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Swimming Pool Expertise: About Our Founder and Director

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Niall Gooding TnISPE (Cert)

With several years of Wet Leisure experience, our chief consultant and founder worked for one of the foremost specialist Wet Leisure Distributors in the UK, selling products for installation in several countries, purchased from manufacturers the world over.

Building his expertise by learning from the biggest and best manufacturers, Niall's technical aptitude and education saw him carve his niche as a water treatment specialist, becoming the company's prominent expert in all things chemicals and disinfection.

During his time with the company, he completed training with the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers to become a certified Technician, CPD training in numerous aspects of water treatment, wrote and helped design the company's chemical dosing brochure, and delivered training to other industry professionals. 

In addition to water treatment, Niall was also often involved with filtration, covers, lighting, and control/automation systems, and so focuses on how to use these technologies to improve user experience, water quality, safety, and efficiency.

The Outside World

A keen outdoorsman, Niall can regularly be seen taking camping trips and hikes in the countryside across the UK. Interested in outdoor activities, bushcraft and survival skills, and fitness, he is a fan of the cheesy-but-true phrase "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment and poor planning", but adds that "being able to read a map helps, too!".

Why the attraction to the outdoors? "Peace, tranquillity, perspective, and just to enjoy the natural beauty of the world around us." Sounds soppy and new age, but see for yourself in the picture above, taken on Braunton Burrows - a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in North Devon and one of Niall's favourite places to be.

FS Niall Gooding RAFAC

Another favourite spare-time activity is volunteering at the local Air Training Corps Squadron. As a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer, Niall has many years experience delivering a wide range of training to young people between 12 and 19.

Over several years, he has trained hundreds of cadets in First Aid, Radio Operations, and a variety of Aviation-related topics; hundreds of cadets in leadership including BTEC Level 2 and ILM Level 3 qualifications; and thousands of cadets in Fieldcraft.

He has held and holds a number of roles, including Exercise Conducting Officer for large Fieldcraft Training events, Squadron Adjutant responsible for all administration and compliance, and Leadership Training Team Lead for Devon and Somerset.

If you want to benefit from Niall's experience and expertise, then get in touch with us on 0333 577 9692 or enquiries@energiseleisure.co.uk.

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