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Remote Access and Monitoring Systems

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Consistency, reliability, and standards are the cornerstone of any pool or wellness facility's success. Remote access can help maintain all of those and possibly highlight potential economising.

And if you want the added peace of mind of having a professional eye reviewing your performance regularly, then ask us about our tailored monitoring services.

Wireless technology is becoming an increasingly integral tool within our homes and communities - you can turn your heating on, see who's at the door, or even video call with your pets. Some of these technologies are maybe considered more important than others, but what is clear is that remote, wireless access gives people greater control over and comfort within their lives. The Internet of Things is here and growing in influence, importance, and ability. In business, the IoT is being adopted to ensure quality, brand and product consistency, and compliance to standards, but also for making marginal gains in cost savings.

The great news is that these benefits are available to swimming pool and spa owners and operators as well - we've dealt with multiple technologies for a variety of customers, taking a bespoke approach to ensure we meet the requirements.

For private customers, this has regularly involved heating and lighting controls, cover controls, and filtration controls - all commonly integrated to allow customers to the flexibility to ensure that their pool or spa is usable exactly when they want it (or to turn things off because they forgot!).

For commercial customers, the most common option is remote monitoring of water chemistry and chemical dosing systems, but being able to monitor and adapt when certain things are open/closed, on or off, adjust running times, or any multitude of other functions for almost any piece of equipment in your plant room can be VITAL in assessing performance and finding savings. And if your water develops a problem, an automatic log is a valuable asset for making a diagnosis.

Added bonus: you can give a pool engineer access to your readings before having to make a call-out, potentially saving time and money.

The power is almost endless, as the options are incredibly broad, but because these systems are digital it makes accessing your data and viewing or adapting your operating parameters faster and easier than they have ever been. Need to change your opening times and want to adjust your filtration and UV set-back? Just log in. Customers not happy with your water temperature? Just log in.

And if you manage more than one pool or facility... Just log in... wherever you are... and view whichever pool you want.

After all, your pool is a part of your customer experience and therefore part of your brand. Inconsistent or poor standards can damage your reputation.

Call us on 0333 577 9692 or email us on enquiries@energiseleisure.co.uk to find out more.

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