"Pool Expertise"

Pooling decades of expertise from the best and most experienced in the swimming pool and wet leisure industry into our knowledgebase, we have the range and skills to provide the right products, advice, and services for you.
We've summarised some of them below: click on any underlined heading to be taken to our blog for more information. 

Dosing and Disinfection

We understand the finer points of swimming pool water chemistry and the technologies involved.

With specialist experience in pool chemicals, chemical dosing systems, and other disinfection methods such as UV and Ozone, Energise Leisure is best placed to select the correct equipment to give you the cleanest and clearest water possible for your budget.


The key component to any swimming pool is the quality of its water, so correctly sized pumps and filters are vital. 

Poor or incorrect filtration is the cause of many problems and will cost more money in the long term, as well as reducing water quality.

We understand how filtration works and apply best practice principles to ensure optimum performance.

Water Testing

We provide a variety of water testing services across all key and secondary chemical tests, plus biological testing options (including legionella).

Full or partial chemistry packages are available as both "on-site" and "postal" and all on-site testing services are provided with a free equipment and process review to identify any required maintenance and upgrades of your filtration or other plant room equipment.

For consistent water quality, energy efficiency, to reduce the amount of time spent interacting with your equipment, or simply to play with your DMX lighting, an automated or remote control system is THE answer.

Energise Leisure supplies bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions according to your needs and can provide monitoring services depending on the installation type and features.

Solar gain or solar powered, manual or electric, heat retention or safety, slatted or fabric, stylish or functional...

There are so many swimming pool cover and spa cover options available for all requirements and budgets, so contact us for a consultation and we will take the effort out of selecting and installing the right product for you.

Learn about covers.


Swimming pool and spa lights help you see in the dark and improve safety, good lights can help show off your pride and joy...

But GREAT lights can turn the functional into a feature, create effects and ambience, and increase your enjoyment of your swimming pool, sauna, steam room, or spa.

Even better: modern LEDs are cheaper to run, too.

Heating & Ventilation

Do you know your BTUs from your COPs? HVAC and ECS from your ASHP? Heat recovery from your fresh air ventilation?

OK, so that last one might sound a bit more obvious, but which terms do you need to know - which type, model, and size do you need?

Whether your pool is indoor or outdoor, how you heat the pool and/or ventilate and dehumidify the swimming pool or spa room is critical to performance and cost. So call us for advice and we will remove the confusion to recommend the most suitable solution.


Installations age while technologies develop - we keep up to date so that you can too!

If you're considering any refurbishments, upgrades, or retrofit additions to your swimming pool, spa, sauna, or steam room installation, or if you have a goal in mind without knowing how to achieve it, speak to us to discover the right options for you.

We take pride in matching products to your requirements, not products to our profit margins.


We talk about swimming pools quite a lot, but there's more to us than pushing water around a big tank and dripping some chemicals in... after all, we're Energise Leisure, not Energise Swimming Pools!

We have access to and experience with a broad range of Hot Tub, Spa, Sauna, Steam Room, and other equipment which we would also love to help you with.

So if you're building anew or have something in place already, we can help with that too.

Enquire about Saunas


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