Swimming Pool Equipment and Maintenance Services in Devon

Energise Leisure Ltd launched in 2020 as a swimming pool equipment supplier - shortly before the first lockdown measures in response to the COVD-19 pandemic. Despite a challenging start under uncertain conditions the company has undergone consistent growth, with clients responding well to our consultative and educational approach which empowers them to make informed decisions based on their priorities. 

Our work has since expanded outside of the pool plant room to include pool refurbishments, maintenance contracts, and most recently hot tub maintenance. 

Alongside a full range of swimming pool products and services, we complement this with a wide variety of other products such as saunas and steam rooms, and our new for 2022 retractable enclosures for swimming pools and hot tubs, which includes a conservatory alternative for patios.

With a decade of "pooling expertise" from the biggest and best in the industry, the company was created with the key principle of "true independence" - while many swimming pool contractors are tied into loyalty schemes we are not. This means that we are still able to offer competitive prices, but across a wider range of products, allowing us to always select the best equipment for your needs. Independence will always be a core component of our business, the benefit to you being that anything we recommend is guaranteed to be because we believe it is the right choice to meet your needs and not because of any rebates or reward schemes.

Water Treatment

Energise Leisure Ltd was founded with a focus on water quality, driven by previous experience working as a water treatment specialist for one of the UK's leading swimming pool distributors, having written their chemical dosing brochure and delivered chemical dosing training to fellow professionals within the swimming pool industry.

Working closely with EMEC for automatic chemical dosing systems and Triogen for complementary UV disinfection and ozone generators, the best water treatment products and advice are guaranteed.

We specify, supply, and install a complete range of chemical dosing and disinfection solutions for swimming pool and spas including:

  • Chlorine Tablet Erosion Feeders

  • Automatic Dosing Systems

  • UV Disinfection Systems

  • Ozone Generators

  • Salt Water Chlorinators

  • On Site Chlorine Generators

Key brands include Triogen, Bio-UV, Blue Lagoon, VGE, Pool Pilot, Gaffey, EMEC.

Automatic Covers

Electric automatic swimming pool covers are growing in popularity for their style, ease of use, and safety features. 

Manual covers and reels have been the norm for a long time, but if you want to remove the effort and add an attractive feature to your swimming pool then an automatic slatted cover or vinyl safety cover will do that and a whole lot more.

Commercial Pool Electric Cover Systems are available too for almost any size requirement in floor, pillar, or wall mounted versions. 

With an amazing range of options available, get in touch for a free consultation and site survey from a truly independent supplier not tied into any exclusivity schemes with particular brands. We have our favourites based on style, quality, and support, but if you've seen a different brand that you like then we are happy to quote alternatives.

Brands available include DEL Piscine, Coverstar, Roldeck, Walu, Covrex, Abri-Blue

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We can specify, supply, and install a large range of other products for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms - we've highlighted some of our specialist areas here and a small selection of others are listed at the bottom of the page. 

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And More:

Automation and Control

We have a lot of experience available to us in specifying and supplying swimming pool, spa, and sauna or steam room control panels (or multi-functional panels that manage multiple installations).


With previous involvement in control panel applications of all sizes including a large fountain project with a complex digital control panel featuring a bespoke-programmed PLC and around a dozen variable speed pumps plus filtration. 

We can also offer a variety of remote access and monitoring options for easy management.

Our panels are usually supplied with full-colour touch screens and intuitive user interfaces, with fully customisable features via the programmable logic controllers which can be easily updated or reprogrammed even long after installation.

Never pay for functions you don't need and never go without functions you do with a Control Panel from Energise Leisure!             


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