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Independence Through Choice

Updated: Feb 26

Energise Leisure was founded in 2020 in North Devon with three principles in mind:

  1. Independence from suppliers and manufacturers

  2. Fully-consultative sales approach

  3. Finding the right product for your needs

1. Independence

Our swimming pool industry insight and experience within the distribution network is invaluable in knowing what the best products are in different categories and with relationships across multiple suppliers and manufacturers so that we can obtain them. More-so, though, we know that oftentimes distributors struggle to attract trade clients because of the number of businesses that operate on a "we've always bought from them" basis, or because they're on a rebate scheme based on how much they spend. Superior products are rejected every day through either tradition or a few percent at the end of the year.

A rebate scheme may sound like better prices, but do you think that gets passed to their customers? Sometimes, the same or better products are available elsewhere for less anyway.

So we will go to where we can get the right product at the best price - our loyalty is to the product, not the supplier; therefore if the same thing is available somewhere else cheaper (or faster, if that's what you need) then that's where we go.

2. Fully Consultative

Because we maintain our "independence through choice", that means that when we are listening to your needs any product that we recommend is based on what you've told us and is 100% what we believe is the right and best solution.

We promise to take the time to listen to your situation and work with you to select items that will achieve what you want or need them to. Some companies rely on inexact methods of product selection (based on the same products from the same suppliers that they've always used) and call it a "benefit of experience" that they don't need to make any calculations.

This method might give you something that works, but will it be the most efficient? Is there a better option? Could it have been done cheaper?

3. The Right Products

1 + 2 = 3

We will never select a product based on what is best or easiest for us - only what is best or easiest for you.

If you want to find out more about how our approach could benefit you, call us on 0333 577 9692 or email on enquiries@energiseleisure.co.uk

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