Retractable Enclosures

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If you're looking to let the sun in and keep the rain out, but in a way that's more flexible than a traditional conservatory or structure, there is a wide variety of retractable and telescopic enclosures available from Energise Leisure. With up to 8 customisable styles in each of the groups below, you can be sure that we have the solution to fit your requirements.

Take a look at the key groups below, and then use the form to enquire about pricing and book a consultation.

You can read more about the benefits of our entire range here, and if you have a swimming pool we have specific information available here.
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Universal Features

All retractable enclosure share some great features and benefits:

  • Bespoke solutions and individual approach

  • Free consultations

  • Up to 15 years of warranty (on selected models)

  • Choice between polycarbonate or glass

  • 7 colours of aluminium frames

  • Safety options thanks to our sophisticated locking system

  • Protection of swimming pools and patios against bad weather

  • Customisation options available

  • Prolonging of the outdoor season and the swimming season

Low Level Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure.jpg
Low Height

A low pool enclosure can allow you to swim freely in your pool either open to enjoy the cooling breeze of a summer’s day or enclosed to protect you against elements at colder times of the year. The crystal-clear polycarbonate panels that our pool enclosures are made of, does not restrict the view of the landscape of your garden whilst making it possible to enjoy a free swim in a protected, pleasant and comfortable environment.

Even on cloudy days, the diffused rays permeate the enclosure, warming the area inside.

Mid height polycarbonate pool enclosure.jpg
Mid Height

The middle line variant of enclosure offers all the benefits of a low line, but with more space to play with. The higher enclosure allows for comfortable seating and pool-based games and activities.


Whether you want an area to relax in or a place to play, a middle line pool enclosure will satisfy all your needs.

Full Height

For the full indoor pool experience, a high line pool enclosure offers unrestricted movement around the pool and delivers perfect sheltered swimming.


Our award-winning enclosures allow you to invite family and friends around for a day by the pool at any time of year.

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Corso Conservatory - Retractable Patio Enclosure.jpg.jpg

Patio Enclosures

Having a Corso patio enclosure installed allows you to use your patio or veranda whenever you want, whatever the time of year. You might say that a standard conservatory would do that for you, but these have added flexibility that enables them to be fully opened during nice weather.


You really do get the best of both worlds. Our Corso enclosures won an award for ‘Best Innovative Conservatory and Design’.

Hot Tub Enclosure.jpg

Hot Tub and Garden Pods

If you have a house-connected or freestanding hot tub, we have a range of enclosure solutions available. ‘Dome’ and ‘Oval-dome’ enclosures cater for freestanding hot tubs and sunken spas.


Our ‘Oasis’ line is suitable for customers wanting to connect their hot tub space to their house for easy access.