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How can you achieve flexible living all year round? With a retractable enclosure!

Updated: Mar 7

Imagine a patio fit for a BBQ and lounger in the summer and a conservatory providing useable indoor space when it’s cooler.

Imagine being able to use your indoor swimming pool in January and later jumping into your outdoor pool under a rich blue, summer sky matching the shimmering, crystal clear water.

Imagine you could effortlessly switch between both while only having one.

Almost every swimming pool, hot tub, and even patio owner shares the same goal: to achieve the level of usage and enjoyment that they desire from their home’s asset. However, in the UK we all must strike a compromise between how much we want to use our outdoor spaces and how much Mother Nature will let us. It’s just a fact of life and the trade-off we make for living here.

Except we don’t and it’s not.

Many have resorted to building conservatories to “let the sun in and

keep the rain out” while others build

large, permanent structures to protect their pools and hot tubs.

This is nothing new and is a commonly accepted norm for increasing the amount of usable space available all year round.

These options, however, are an inelegant solution to the problem – they don’t achieve the greatest benefit of outdoor space, because it’s no longer outdoors! A static structure, however many windows it has, is always a compromise and doesn’t provide the flexibility that many desire.

That’s before considering the hassle and disruption that comes with designing, planning, and the messy, often lengthy construction.

Energise Leisure Ltd has a better solution for both pools and patios – retractable enclosures. New for 2022 we have partnered with one of the leading manufacturers of enclosures across the UK and Europe: Alukov.

Recognising that Devon and the wider South West is simultaneously one of the best places to live for scenery and summers while also being among the highest on the rainfall charts we realised that we had to be able to provide the best solution to customers that would enable them to enjoy their patios, pools, and hot tubs to the fullest possible extent.

We very quickly settled on retractable enclosures due the flexibility that they provide - offering protection and warmth from wind, rain, and chilly days without compromising on the ability to enjoy being outside in the garden during warmer months. But there are many ranges available and even some through our existing supplier network, so to decide which range (or ranges) to offer, we set these criteria:

1. Well established in the market

2. Highest possible quality construction

3. Value for money (cost-benefit-quality)

4. A wide range to suit multiple tastes and needs

5. Additional features promoting useability and longevity

6. Well supported with a strong warranty and post-sales care

7. The smoothest end-user experience

So why Alukov?

1. Alukov has been producing enclosures since 1995 and is now one of the largest

manufacturers in the world, producing around 3000 enclosures per year from its 3 factories, supplying into over 40 countries.

2. With a mix of high quality, traditional materials and innovative, patented techniques and designs, Alukov enclosures are compliant to NF P90-309, EN 1090-1 + A1: 2011, EN 1990, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, EU 305/2011.

3. When comparing the cost and features of the various ranges, we felt that Alukov gave the best balance being among the highest quality offerings without being the most expensive. For example, their aluminium frames are thermal powder coated while many others are (at most) powder coated.

4. With over 30 designs available, 7 colour finishes, multiple “glazing” options, and a range of extras to create bespoke designs, we believe Alukov gives us the greatest chance to meet even the most specific of style and usage requirements.

5. With design features such as ergonomic lock placement, innovative seals that protect the polycarbonate from damage, and a variety of entry options and hinged sections, coupled with smooth mechanisms that allow one person to (literally) single-handedly open even large enclosures or opt for motorised opening on smaller ones, the entire range is designed with users in mind.

6. In addition to up to 15 years of warranty, with Energise Leisure as your local support, Alukov supplement our service with UK-based sales and support, installation and technical engineers, and a turnkey design service.

7. Alukov offer everything else we were looking for in a single place. One (very large) range, one contact, one initial design consultation, and the credentials and support thereafter creates a really simple process for our customers. What we can offer with this single partnership is a superior experience compared to a mix and match of different manufacturers with varying features and reliability.

An Alukov enclosure from Energise Leisure Ltd gives you all of this, and 9 times out of 10 installation can occur in a single day without the need to dig any trenches.

So if you’re looking to let the sun in and keep the rain out, use our simple enquiry form at www.energiseleisure.co.uk/enclosures, email us at enquiries@energiselsiure.co.uk, or call on 0333 577 9692 to find out more or book your free consultation to see and touch the products, discuss the features in more detail, and create your design.

We also have a summarised list of features and benefits specific to swimming pool enclosures available here.

Based in Devon, we supply retractable enclosures to Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, and Gloucestershire.

Conservatory Photo Source: Neil McIntosh (creative commons licence)

Maps Source: https://www.ukcip.org.uk/wp-content/PDFs/UKCP09_Trends.pdf - annual average rainfall (left), annual average temperature (centre), summer average max temperature

Other images courtesy of Alukov

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